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Sneak Preview of Moira Players Rehearsal of 

                   “Don’t Tell the Wife”


Don't Tell The Wife by Sam Cree

Setting: The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Willis home in Belfast.

Synopsis: Don’t Tell the Wife’ is set in 1960’s Belfast in the Willis household, where Edna Willis is convinced that her plumber husband Bobbie, is interested in another woman; a Catholic! He isn’t, but he does have some secrets of his own. Her attempts to stop him lead to crazy misunderstandings with a sexy French student, a male escort, not to mention…a greyhound called Bridget!

Cast Size: Male 4 and 4 Female

Thank You All For Your Support

Moira Players- who are we and what are our goals? 

Moira Players was established in September 2017 when a small group of like-minded parents from Rowandale Integrated Primary School expressed an interest in forming an Amateur Dramatic Society in Moira Village and its hinterland. The intention was to create a community based group for those aged 18 and over.

Our goal was, and is, to create a new opportunity for community development through our mutual interest in the Performance Arts; the intention was not only to encourage community members to take part either through performing or in backstage activities but also to become a focal point for the community who would attend the shows. Overall we hoped to inject a new sense of cultural vibrancy  and dynamism into the locality. 

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Garvan Tohill


Moira Players 

Community Theatre Group



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To establish “Moira Players Drama Society” and to promote the development and advancement of the community in Moira/ Magheralin and surrounding area in the understanding and appreciation of the Arts by the presentation of theatrical productions and in particular to promote and develop the performing arts for the benefit of the community and encourage participation in and appreciation for Performing Arts activities by the Moira/ Magheralin community.


   Do any (or all) of these descriptions fit you?  

  • You      want to be an actor.
  • You      want to be a director.
  • You      want to be a singer.
  • You      want to be a theatre volunteer.

If so, you’d do well to find an amateur dramatics troupe to join. 

Though you won’t reap huge financial rewards for your work, you’ll be engaged in an incredibly satisfying hobby. 


Opening Night Group




Open Rehearsals every Tuesday & Thursday @ 8:00pm

in the Main Hall at 

Rowandale Integrated Primary School

18 Clarehill Rd, 

Moira, Craigavon 

BT67 0PB .

They are open to all new members regardless of age !!Emoji